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Badminton Coaching Leeds

I am a qualified badminton coach and as I have completed the Coach Part 1 Award. I provide badminton coaching for beginners at any age who are keen to learn and improve.

All you need to start out as a beginner in badminton is a racket and suitable sports clothing. Badminton rackets are quite different from those used for other sports such as squash or tennis.

As well as being a fun and sociable game it can be a very fast paced and therefore it's great for keeping fit. It is also a game that can be played between adults and children, age or gender is never a barrier.

Most children in England do not start playing badminton until they reach the age of 10. So if you want your child/sibling to get ahead in the game then get in early. The fact that the rackets are lighter than tennis rackets makes badminton the ideal sport for a younger child.

Badminton is administered in the U.K. by Badminton England.

Badminton coaching within Leeds is available from £25.00 per hour including court fees.
Please feel free to call or contact me should you be interested in a free no obligation taster lesson.



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